Tyler & Ashley: Black Hills Wedding Photographer

While driving to Tyler and Ashley’s wedding in Spearfish, I prayed earnestly and often for clear skies, but rain was inevitable. It began to fall halfway through the bridal party photos, forcing the family portraits indoors. My heart sank a little when it didn’t let up. I knew that with a perfectly dry “plan b”, there was a chance Tyler and Ashley’s outdoor ceremony might not happen.

But it did. And it was wonderful. There are people who can see beauty in imperfection. People who don’t cling too tightly to what they’ve planned for—but instead—are willing to be pleasantly surprised. They are thankful for whatever “now” might bring.

People like this make me love what I do, and I was surrounded by them—along with their umbrellas—that day in the park.

Tyler and Ashley, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding. It couldn’t have been any more memorable. Enjoy some of my favorites!

Tyler and Ashley decided to see each other before the ceremony, and he rode up to where she was on a tandem bicycle. Love this shot of him seeing her for the first time.

My favorite.

Best ceremony exit in the history of weddings.

Followed by the best reception entrance.




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Kelsi Stunning couple and beautiful pictures! What a great weekend that was!

sue jarvis What a great wedding! I love the bicycle theme. Thanks for sharing. Jessica, you have outdone yourself AGAIN!

ginger Thank you for sharing the pictures with me . What a lovely couple and a happy day for the families of both . You look wonderful , young and full of life for each other and the future. Thank you for choosing The Wander Inn B&B and allowing me to meet and enjoy you all. Love and best wishes to you and yours. Ginger

Lucas Voorhees I knew that you had got a great shot of them leaving on the tricycle. I was even more amazed when I saw the picture. Once again I am amazed at your ability to capture the moment. Great pictures.

Shar Thanks, Jessica, for doing an amazing job of capturing memories of a special day! Your message and pictures perfectly reflect the beautiful day and the amazing personalities of Ashley and Tyler. It warms a mom’s heart to see these pictures – brings a few tears to my eyes! Thanks again for a job well done! — Ashley’s Mom

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