Girl Scouts

Every now and then, I get an opportunity do something out of the ordinary. Something unexpected. Something rewarding. Most recently, that something came in the form of girl scouts ― eight to be exact ― gathered around a dining room table.

Erica and Cydnee, troop leaders and super-moms (girl scouts, basketball, and homemade cider – all in the same afternoon), asked if I would help the girls earn their photography badge. The idea thrilled me. I was even further thrilled to find that my friend Judy Larson would be there. With the help of Judy’s slide show, we worked together to present what we thought the girls should know. It was our hope that when it came time for them to try their hand, they would know more about composition, equipment, and the digital darkroom. I was even thanked for not making my explanation of shutter speed too boring! It was then that I knew just how inspiring I really am.

The highlight of the meeting followed, when it came time for the scouts to split up and roam the hills with camera in hand. I was delighted to hear wildly excited chatter about light, posing, and how they thought dried thistle was beautiful and therefore worthy of a picture.

Rewarding, indeed.

Thank you Erica and Cydnee for asking me to share what I know, and for letting me borrow the top two photos below. Thank you Girl Scouts for being an enthusiastic audience. And Judy, thank you for being such a generous teammate.

Checking out the difference between wide angle & telephoto.
Ready to shoot! Photo by Judy Larson.


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Judy Larson Just saw this now. It's a sweet summary of a sweet day! You have a fresh and kind approach to photography and life! So thankful for you!

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